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Green Grass Nursery is a full-day pre-school that welcomes children of all nationalities from six months to four years of age. We’re also a little different from other nurseries in Dubai as we’re the first multilingual preschool that provides (English, Arabic, French) education with Mandarin classes everyday. Green Grass provides exceptional care to children while fostering each child’s intellectual, social, physical and moral development in an academic-rich environment.

Health & Safety

Keeping Everyone Safe is our number one priority. The safety and wellbeing of all of those in our care, our children, staff and our visitors are of paramount importance. We continuously strive to sustain an environment where everyone takes responsibility for their own safety and for those around them and to embed a strong behavioral safety culture at every level.
We maintain rigorous health and safety practices compliant with the standards laid down by Regulatory Bodies.
Accordingly our Nursery is equipped with CCTV. This allows our management to monitor the setting at all time, and for parents in the introductory stages, to observe how their child is settling in to their new surroundings.
We have a strict designated person ONLY policy, so if unknown person arrives in the nursery, you will be contacted for confirmation before your child leaves. If parents cannot be reached, the child will not be released. Every single room or hallway in Green Grass Nursery has a safety gate to ensure supervised access at all times. A member of the nursery’s management team is always at the reception area to greet parents and authorized visitors who request entry into the building.
By working closely with B-SAFE, an organization dedicated to the safeguarding of children within all settings, we ensure that every area of our nursery meets and upholds a high level of safety for our children.
Green Grass Nursery is fully equipped with a fire detection system that is regularly checked, and with appropriate fire extinguishers. We run fire drills on a regular basis and train the children how to react in the case of an emergency with calmness.
As well as the constant presence of a nurse, we have registered pediatrician who preforms regular check ups for our children, to monitor their general health and growth.
Our staff teams are qualified First Aiders, and on regular basis they undergo training sessions in health and safety, child protection and hygiene practice. We are inspected for quality and for health and safety regularly both by internal experts and by external bodies.
In accordance with keeping up to date on developments of Child’s Health and Welfare, we here at Green Grass Nursery have gone 100% chemical free in our setting.All our cleaning products are provided by Seventh Generation, a producer and distributor of environmentally safe cleaning products, which are 100% non-toxic and chemical free.

Best foods to feed your child’s brain

Children learn at an incredibly fast rate. Their brains are growing very quickly from ages 1 to 4 years. The same way their bodies need the right nutrition to grow, their brains need specific nutrients as well.
Our dietitian Caroline Kanaan from Early Intervention Center
Gave us some tips about the top nutrients and foods that children from ages 1 to 4 can benefit from.

Nutrient Sources Tips and ideas
Omega 3 Fish like sardines, anchovies and wild caught salmon contain Omega 3. They are also found in flax seeds, chia seeds and walnuts. The best way to serve these is in small doses every day. You can try grinding flax and chia seeds in your spice grinder and sprinkling or hiding the powder in their foods.
Vitamin B12 The best sources of Vitamin B12 include eggs, cheese, milk products, meat, fish, shellfish and poultry. B12 is mostly found in animal foods. Children who follow a vegetarian diet have to make sure that they are getting enough B12 from their diets. Ground meat is an easier way to get kids to eat meat to get an intake of B12. The softer it is the easier it will be to chew and swallow!
Iron Non-vegetarian sources of Iron are beef, lamb and chicken. Vegetarian sources of Iron include lentils, sesame seeds, olives and spinach. Cook the vegetarian foods with ingredients high in vitamin C like tomato paste or lemon juice to make it more absorbable. For example squeeze some lemon juice onto a lentil soup before serving.
Choline Eggs and turkey are important sources of choline. It is also found in cauliflower, broccoli and asparagus. Eggs make a great breakfast or dinner. You can also make frittatas or quiche with it. Try to use organic ones as often as possible.
Folic Acid Avocadoes, peas and citrus juice are good sources of folic acids. Guacamole is a super snack that is rich in folic acid. Mash some avocadoes with lemon juice and a chopped tomato. Serve it as a fun dip with some carrot and cucumber sticks.
Zinc Beef is the best source of zinc. Other good sources include spinach, sea vegetables, oats and pumpkin seeds. Serve your kids oatmeal and top it with a pumpkin seeds for a nutritious breakfast.

Children at this age can be very picky eaters. You may be reading this post and thinking that the information sounds great but it may be a bit difficult to get your child to even touch some of these foods. Picky eating can have several causes including physiological causes.
Nutrition advice bythe dietitian Caroline Kanaan from Early Intervention Center
Caroline is a dietitian that can help you pinpoint the cause of your child’s picky eating and give you advice to help you with your child’s feeding issues. To discuss your child’s nutrition needs you can e-mail her at caroline@childeimc.com